Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 45

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Review of 2008 – Part II

In this, the second of my shows which look back at 2008, you are in for a bit of an aural treat as I am joined by special guest Henry Hyde, editor of Battlegames Magazine.

Together, we discuss several of the major events of the year in the miniatures gaming hobby.

I hope you enjoy the show!

14 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 45

  1. This episode was fantastic. Henry provides a great perspective on the industry and you offer great interviewer skills. I would encourage you to continue interviews of this type as I find discussion of the industry at least as interesting as discussion of the games themselves. While I am sad your show is moving to a monthly format, maintaining the show in a format that is workable for you is what is most important.

    Might I suggest for a future discussion show, a deeper exploration of the differences and commonality of fantasy/sci fi gamers vs historical gamers. You touched on that subject in this episode briefly and I think it is a topic that is sorely neglected in the gaming community. Such an exploration could include the popularity of game scales, industry trends, mechanics comparisons, breadth of resources for inspiration, future trends, etc.

    I also thought you brought a refreshing (and very much needed) perspective to This Week in Wargaming’s last round table podcast. I hope to hear your voice on that podcast in the future as well. 🙂

    Thanks for all your work on the podcast.


    • Mike,

      Many thanks for your comment – I’m really glad that you enjoyed the show. I must admit, it was one of my favourite shows to do of recent times. Henry is a great chap to chat to.

      I’m hoping to do more interviews this year, and if I do, they will be coming out as separate shows, so hopefully the actual number of M&M podcasts will not diminish that much over the year.

      Your suggestion of Historical vs Sci-fi/fantasy games is a very good one. It’s interesting that one of the shows new co-hosts comes from that background, so that is something that we will definitely have to work on.

      Thanks also for you comments ref TWIW. I enjoyed doing the show, despite it being 3am in the UK when we had finished recording! Hopefully Troy will invite me back.

      Thanks again for your continued support.

  2. Fire at Will // January 23, 2009 at 22:45 // Reply

    Excellent interview with Henry, great insights on the hobby and the rise of 28mm plastics.

    It would be nice to hear from him again in future

  3. Neil, I’m not quite finished with the episode yet, but I wanted to really praise this episode. The guest appearance of Henry Hyde was really enjoyable, and I hope to hear from him again. Maybe you could do a mid-year and an end of year with him?

  4. Mike Siggins // January 25, 2009 at 04:02 // Reply

    Nice interview. I would like to hear more with a range of other people – the new guy at MW, etc.

  5. Hi Neil. Really enjoyed the show. You should definitely get Henry Hyde on more often. He’s a friendly guy who’s also very easy to talk to. The episode was long so I will listen to it again just in case I missed something’s first time round.

    I always enjoy reading your blog and your podcasts. Like reading your game reports of your club The Scimitar Wargames Club too.

    On another note I would like to exchange blogs links with you if that’s ok. Already linked my blog to yours. Mine is at



  6. Hi Neil,

    I just found out about the blog and the pod casts. Both are excellent!

    I’d be interested in hearing more about any adaptations your group has made to Command and Colors. It strikes me a bit odd, the game doesn’t reward flanking movement or getting into the “rear” of the enemy. It seems there should be some benefit to out maneuvering the opponent.

    I’ll be reading all the archived material on the blog and listening to past pod casts as time permits. Great resource, and I look forward to much more.



  7. Bob in Edmonton // January 29, 2009 at 00:22 // Reply

    There is some reward for outflanking the enemy in that retreats that cannot be taken cause one hit for every hex that cannot be retreated. Working one unit around the edge of an enemy formation or two units around a the back of a single enemy can result in the quick elimination of the unit (being mindful of the “supported” rule).

  8. Though a fan of your previous format it was nice to have a co host for a change and get a perspective on the historical side of things.

    My background runs in the WWII era and later but I do like when you discuss the different aspects of plastic vs metal minis etc…


  9. Paul Caspall // January 30, 2009 at 01:31 // Reply

    I always look forward to the next Meeple. Great to listen to while painting or trolling eBay! Have to agree with the comments re interviews – definitely one of the real strengths of the show. The original interviews with Pete Berry, Kev & Sally White, Andy & Wendy Cooper, plus the trader interviews at Partizan (IIRC) were stand-outs for me. They provide a fantastic insight into the creative minds of the hobby (and their support crews!), so the more of those the better.

    Keep the Meeples coming!

    Paul in Oz

  10. I’ma long time listener, but this episode moved me to get off my butt and leave some feedback.

    It was fantastic!

    A rational, entertaining, interesting survey of the year past and a glance at the year to come, all done without the hype and distractions that mark some podcasting.

    All strength to your arm.


  11. Hey Neil,

    Henry provided not only a lot of fantastic and interesting information, he also gave a great to-and-fro with you. This was a stunning episode.

    How hard would it be to book a guest on every show? I’m able to do it with my own podcast on a fortnightly basis with a bit of planning. If you had a roster of folks perhaps it would become a once-every-three-months kind of commitment from your regular guests. Something to think about. Thanks again for all your efforts.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Tom “Noble” Barbalet.

  12. This was the first time I have listened to M&M, and I was very impressed. I’m now going to have to listen to the back-episodes!

    It made for great entertainment whilst I was busy painting them ore mundane details on of a group of 40mm British figures!

    It was great listening to Henry, too. What an ambassador he is for the hobby – well-spoken, knowledgeable, interesting, enthusiastic and animated.

    I look forward to hearing other such interviews with personalities of the hobby (can’t wait for when you get the Perry twins on, for instance!) …

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