Baccus Painting Challenge – final colour choice / which unit?

After looking through my colour palette choice, and also looking at some painting references for ACW Confederate troops, I think I have made my final colour selections.

Thinking about my army background, I want the Confederate Mercenary Corps to be a rapid reaction force. Therefore, it will consist of primarily of Tank Battalions and Mechanised Infantry Battalions. I envisage having a couple of Infantry Battalions complete with Support Weapons, but these will be Sky Cavalry (once the Skim Lifter models are available, or as soon as I can find an alternative model elsewhere)

So, the name of the game here is Cavalry, as the force will be fully mobile.

Looking at the Confederate cavalry, their official uniform was a grey jacket, sky blue trousers with a yellow kepi and uniform trim – as with most Confederate forces, the official uniform was supplemented by the troops own clothing.

However, we are talking a highly organised 26th Century fighting force here, and so the official uniform will be adhered to.

For troops, this is quite simple – grey top, blue trousers and a yellow helmet.

This will be adapted slightly for the AFVs – their hulls will be painted with a blue and grey camouflage pattern, and their turrets (where they have one) will be yellow.

All this leaves now is which battalion to start painting?

The Mechanised Infantry Brigade pack contains 4 Battalions, plus some command bases:

  • A Medium Tank Battalion (12 AFVs with Heavy Weapons)
  • A Light Tank Battalion (12 AFVs with Medium / Light Weapons)
  • A Light Mechanised Infantry Battalion (12 APCs and 32 Infantry)
  • A Scout Mechanised Infantry Battalion (12 APCs and 16 Infantry)

To be honest, I want to give myself a decent chance of achieving this challenge, which means avoiding infantry. Therefore, I’m going to be painting the Light Tank Battalion.

5 Comments on Baccus Painting Challenge – final colour choice / which unit?

  1. Pictures?

    Lets see what it is you are up to.

  2. Looking forward to seeing these finished, good luck maintaining a high painting rate! 🙂

    Just a thought though, won’t a bright yellow helmet (not to mention tank turrets) turn the key components of your infantry (head) and vehicles (turrets) ‘bullseye’ targets on the battlefield of the future!?

    All the best – love the show and these updates by the way! 😉

    • As far as the colour scheme goes, I can only quote the following passage from the Command Horizon fluff:

      “One striking feature of all armies is the use of colour schemes for all arms of service. It is extremely difficult for any unit to remain hidden on a 26th century battlefield because of the widespread use of cheap Battlefield Intelligence Devices. BIDs come in a bewildering variety of small independent drones that infest the air and ground relaying a huge amount of information about the location and strength of enemy forces back to Brigade HQs. With the realisation that traditional battlefield camouflage was of little use to armed forces came a reversion to military units adopting bold identifying colours to mark out their units. Some armies still use plain and sober colours for their armed forces, even retaining archaic disruptive patterns, while others flaunt their presence with striking and bold colours.”

      So, bold striking colours would not seem to be such a disadvantage as you might think…

  3. Re: Hi-Visibility helmets

    I stand corrected! 😉

    You’d better go ahead and “bling” up those cavalry boys for best effect!

    In any event, with all those ‘BIDS’ whizzing around, a helmet will be pretty essential regardless of its colour! 🙂


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