2009 aquisitions – the situation so far…

You may remember at the start of  the year, I posted several entries on what I was looking at purchasing this year, in an attempt to try and cut down on my gaming purchases.

Well, it’s two months into the year, so I thought it would be a good time to have my first assessment of how the purchasing plan is working out…


memoir44 As I hinted at, January saw my birthday, and the first big purchase of the year as the occassion saw me complete my Memoir ’44 collection with no less than 6 expansions, including all the new threatre expansions, the Air Pack, the Terrain Pack and even the Winter/Desert board.

Not only does this allow me to fight all the two player scenarios now published, but with all the desert scenery it now means that I can fight Command & Colors Ancients battles – all I need are some Carthaginian figures (as I own the rules, QRS and order cards for C&C:A, plus a Republican Roman army made up of Hat 1/72nd scale plastic figures.

dominionThen there was the game that I wasn’t going to buy. For the last few months of 2008, there was one game that everyone was talking about – Dominion.

No” I thought, “it’s a card game and it really can’t be as good as everyone says that it is“.

And then I played it on BretSpielWelt…and discovered that I was wrong. It is as good as they say it is.

At that point I had to get it, especially since I knew it was going to be a hit with my son – who is a big CCG fan. So it was down to my FLGS (Phoenix Games in Leicester) the following day and Dominion was became my first unplanned purchase of the year…in the middle of January. Not a good start.

pic248236_mdNext up is the game Vikings. This has been on my ‘to get’ list since I first played it last year – and playing in the Infinity Games online tournament has only highlighted to me further just what a good game this is. Plus, having seen it come back into stock at Shire Games at a rather higher price, I just had to snap it up from IGUK. A bargain at under £20!

pic360279_mdThen there was the highly anticipated release of Battleground: Kingdoms – the campaign rules & scenario generator for Battleground: Fantasy Warfare. This has taken some time to get to the UK…and it was a bit disappointting to discover that you really need the Monsters & Mercenaries army to make full use of it (which typically, I do not own yet!) Even so, a useful expansion.

asmmoko2ussmFinally, a bit of a surprise – even though I haven’t played the base game yet, the announcement of an expansion for Okko: Era of the Ashigari for just over £10 was too good to pass up, so Okko: Yakuza Hazu Akai is the last of the current batch of boardgames tobe added to my collection.

Wargames Rules

towbigThe first set of wargames rules that I aquired this year was a bit of a surprise – especially given the fact that they were given to me (thanks Pete!) Legends of the Old West are a skirmish game ruleset for playing in the Wild West, based on GW’s LOTR rules. Given the fact that I’ve now given away my review copy of Gutshot! as a competiton prize, it’s nice to get hold of another rule set to use with my 40mm Wild West figures. I’m looking forward to playing these!

extra1Impetus are my rules of choice when it comes to playing massed battles for Ancients and Medievals. Extra Impetus #1 offers new army lists for three different conflicts – including the Hundred Years War – so I had to add it to my collection…I also wanted to review it on the podcast!

fwc-coverThe last set of rules that I have bought is Future War Commander. I’ve been looking at these rules ever since they were released, as I’ve heard very good things about the other rules in this series, but sci-fi big battle was the set I was aiming at – especially since I’ve been eyeing up a Command Horizon army from Baccus for the best part of a year now and FWC has army lists for both Humans and Centaurs. Again, really looking forward to playing these rules.


327The final additions to my gaming collection so far this year are figures. Again, here I have bought more than I originally planned – but that was only down to good fortune.

My first miniature purchase was the Thaniras Elven fleet for Uncharted Seas. These were a bit of nostalgic purchase, as I really liked the Elven fleet for Man ‘o’ War – this fleet has a similar look/feel. What is more – I’ve even painted them!

The second purchase was down to simple luck – or winning the raffle at the Hammerhead show! Given a voucher for £40, a presented myself at the Baccus stand and looked for something to buy. As I said above, I’ve been looking at a Command Horizon army for a year now, and it seemed to make sense to buy one – especially since I’d just bought FWC as well!

So there you have it – 2 months into the year and already I seem to have spent a fair amount on games – including a couple of unplanned purchases. That said, I haven’t actually gone too far off track if I look at at the big picture (I will just have to make sure that I keep to my budget for the rest of the year!)

4 Comments on 2009 aquisitions – the situation so far…

  1. Haven’t you forgotten about Dominion 😉
    Still tempted with Vikings, but trying to cut down on games this year. 1 a month max.

  2. Mike Siggins // March 2, 2009 at 22:21 // Reply

    Well it’s a good job you are cutting back!

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