Baccus Painting Challenge – WIP

p2250065Well, I thought that I’d post some work-in-progress pictures of my Light Tank Battalion.

As you can see, I’ve actually started painting them! (Shock horror!)

The tanks have been cleaned up, the turrets have been glued in place, and then the whole model has been undercoated using Coat d’Arms Grey Primer, a brush on primer which is a very light grey.

After this, I have added metal pins to the bottom of each tank using cut-up paper clips and green stuff – since the tanks are meant to be hover tanks, these will be needed for adding to the base.

An added advantage of these are that they provide something to hold whilst painting the tanks, and then I just pin them to a piece of foam to dry.

p2250064I then base-coated the hulls using Coat d’Arms Uniform Grey, and then drybrushed using Light Tank Grey – I’m not sure if the highlights stand out enough. I have then experimented with a splinter camouflage scheme using Citadel Blue/Grey as a base colour – this will be highlighted with Citadel Horizon Blue.

I think the paint scheme looks quite effective so far. Still some way to go, but a good start, I think.

2 Comments on Baccus Painting Challenge – WIP

  1. At least you have made a start and done some painting.
    Looking forward to see how they look all finished.

  2. Bob in Edmonton // March 2, 2009 at 22:02 // Reply

    Oy, they look like hovering T-34s! Do I sense a new Baccus range in the works?

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