Uncharted Seas – Thaniras Elves

p3050107I recently finished painting my Thaniras Elven fleet for Uncharted Seas. I decided on a slightly different colour scheme from what Spartan Games recommend – especially since my Dragon Lords are a dark grey and red.

Though I say so myself, the colour scheme actually came out quite well.


The hulls of the ships are painted with a base coat of GW Ork Flesh, and then shaded with Dark Green Ink. Highlights of Coat d’Arms Camouflage Green and Pale Green were then drybrushed over the base coat.

The sails were painted with Coat d’Arms Linen – several coats to ensure an even finish. The masts were painted Coat d’Arms Wood Brown, and then shaded with Coat d’Arms Super Wash Light Brown.

p3050111The detailing on the hulls was drybrushed with GW Shining Gold, and then a thin wash of Coat d’Arms Super Wash Light Brown was painted over the top to pick out the details.

Finally, the orbs were painted with GW Polished Blue, and highlighted with GW Electric Blue.

Once the model were dry (and after these pictures were taken) the models were given a coat of Matt Varnish.

5 Comments on Uncharted Seas – Thaniras Elves

  1. Very nice work! My husband was is into miniatures and I’m starting to get into them too. Good stuff.

  2. Very Nice Neil! Interesting colour scheme. Like the green but would probably not have that much of it but that’s just my taste. Thanks for the breakdown of which paints were used for the models.

    In the next few months I will be buying some elves and possibly another fleet too. I have been reliably informed by some members of our club that an undead fleet is on the way out though not had a chance to check it over yet. May possibly get that also. Not sure what colours I would do though.

    • The problem was which sort of colour scheme to use. My Dwarfs are dark blue, and my Dragon Lords are red & black, so it was a case of trying to look for something different, without resorting to brown – hence green as an option. Maybe I should have gone with purple and white 🙂

  3. Pavlov41 // April 3, 2009 at 01:24 // Reply

    Hey Earthquake,

    Can you post a picture of your Dragon Lords. The red & black ought to look awesome. I had considered doing my Dragon Lords the same way but went with a more common scheme.

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