Baccus Painting Challenge – Finished!!!


Yes, though I don’t quite believe it myself, after a concerted effort last night to texture and paint the bases, I actually finished the challenge!

I will put up more detailed photos of each base, and go into how everything was painted tomorrow, when I get some time to take some better pictures.

However, I just wanted to post this photo as proof!

I’m off to email that nice Mr Berry.

6 Comments on Baccus Painting Challenge – Finished!!!

  1. It’s a fair cop Neil – you’ve won the challenge. Well done mate. The finished unit looks great. Now that wasn’t difficult was it?

    I’ll sort your prize out at the next show.

    Now you’ve got one battalion done, don’t forget you have another three to do plus all that infantry you’ve won. You’ve proved you can do it, so knuckle down and get the rest done.

    I know that your loyal readers will want to see the continuing process and I’m certain that you can rely on them to keep on pestering you to show your progress on a regular basis.

    It will be for your own good…

  2. Henry Durand // March 6, 2009 at 20:56 // Reply

    Congratulations! They look terrific.

    (Nothing like the lure of free stuff to get you motivated, eh?) 😉

  3. Way to go, Neil! You’ve inspired me to do some painting of my own.

  4. Well done Neil. That showed em your a painter.

  5. Excellent, Neil, well done indeed!

  6. Looks pretty good, now keep it up.

    Funny how free stuff always gets people working!

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