Force on Force released!

fof-coverExcellent news!

Force on Force – the much anticipated new rules from Ambush Alley have been released.

This rule set takes the original Ambush Alley rule set, which was designed for combat between modern combat units and insurgents, and amends it to allow two military forces to fight each other.

It does this in two different time periods – Modern Day and World War II.

As well as infantry and armoured combat, the rules also cover such things as off table artillery and air support.

The rules include several army lists and scenarios:

For Modern Day, there are TO&E for Australians, British (Regulars & Royal Marines), US (Marines, Light Infantry and Rangers) and USSR (Cold War Soviet Motorised Rifle Brigade)

For World War II, there are TO&E for German Panzer Grenadiers, British Army and US Army.

Scenarios include Normandy 1944 (British vs Germans), Ardennes 1944 (US vs Germans) and Berlin (Russia vs Germans), plus Basra 2003 (British vs Iraqi), Baghdad 2003 (US vs Iraqi), Afghanistan 2007 (British vs Taliban) and a fictitious Cold War scenario set in West Germany 1986 (US vs Soviet)

Having had a quick flick through the rules, these look to be a well presented set of rules. However, first observations do raise a couple of questions.

1. Why are the modern forces not matched up? If you are providing modern British and US troops, why not Modern Russians for what-if cold war? Failing that, if you have Cold War Russians, you should have a matching Cold War US Army list.

2. WW2 – where are the Russians? You should really have included the TO&E of the Russians in these rules.

Lots to have a look at, and I will review these rules in an upcoming podcast, but I hope by then that some of the questions may be answered…

5 Comments on Force on Force released!

  1. Neil,

    If we included everything in the rulebook, what would have to give away for free in the follow up “Force on Force Primer” PDF we have in the works? 😉


    • OK Shawn, fair comment 🙂

      I was looking at the support for Ambush Alley, and I’m expecting lots of mini-expansions to hit the works…
      I can live without the WW2 Russians, but their modern equivalent would be nice with T80/90 stats – or an equivalent 1980’s US/British force with Chieftans and/or M60’s to attack those T72s.

      However…overall the book looks up to your usual excellent standard, so I’m sure the extras won’t be long…

      One word – Vietnam!

  2. Are there WW2 Jap lists included? I can live without the Soviets.

    • Sorry Paul, only WW2 Western Front to begin with – though with Ambush Alley’s track record, I think you can safely say that all theatres should be covered in the near future.

  3. Breacher // May 3, 2009 at 17:27 // Reply

    how about troop lists for North Korea, China, and South America? Three of our possible hot spots.

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