Just one more project…

pic448894_mdFollowing from the my game of Through the Mud and the Blood at Salute, I have got involved in yet another new project – this time in conjunction with other guys at Scimitar Wargames Group.

Yes, we are doing World War 1 skirmish. We’d originally planned to do this in 20mm, as Bob has quite a few 1/72nd scale tanks – but after looking through the available figure ranges we decided to go with 28mm instead, using the excellent ranges from Renegade Miniatures and Great War Miniatures.

I seem to have ended up with Germans again – which is a bit of a pain as the German OOB throughout the war was somewhat fluid. However, I’ve settled on a mix of troops which I hope will cater for our intended games – we are looking at about 50 figures a side to begin with.

So, I’ve bought a couple of the excellent Regiment Packs from Renegade – at 50p a figure for metal figures, you simply can’t go wrong with these – and supplemented them with a couple of blister packs (Bombers and Light Machine Gunners), plus an additional two packs from Great War Miniatures – the Command and NCO’s pack, to give my Big Men a bit more variety, and the 37mm A/T gun, as I’m sure I will be facing British tanks soon.

What this space for more details…

7 Comments on Just one more project…

  1. I am looking forward to a review of this latest effort from TFL. It has taken me a year to paint 46 28mm WWI British with 26 to go. Good luck with the huns.

    • Thanks Paul – I’m going to try the ‘dip’ method with these troops with one of the new Supershader products from Coat d’Arms. It seems like an ideal opportunity to try something new…

  2. hi, Neil! thanks for a great podcast. I have a question. what should i buy to play through the mud and the blood? i like the renegade minis and would like to use them, they do look great!

  3. Mervyn Douglas // August 15, 2010 at 21:42 // Reply

    Hey Neil where did you get to with this? I have built up a force of German and French, British troops undercoated, Kallistra trenches flocked. How did you get on with Supershader? A review of these rules on M&M would be great (I don’t think you’ve done them have you?).

    • Mervyn

      I did review TTM&B on episode 49 of M&M.
      I haven’t started painting my Germans yet! Typically, this is something we are aiming to do this autumn at club, so I should be starting painting these figures in the next few weeks.

      I’ll keep you posted…


  4. Mervyn Douglas // August 19, 2010 at 22:28 // Reply

    Ah, good man. I’ve missed that so I’ll go back and remedy my oversight. Many thanks.


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