Project – Uncharted Seas

StatusIn Progress

Of all my current projects, Uncharted Seas is probably my most complete.

At the time of writing, I have a fully painted Iron Dwarf starter fleet and a fully painted Thaniras Elf starter fleet. My Dragon Lords starter fleet is about 1/3 painted (and have been for several weeks).

In addition to the starter fleets, I have an extra cruiser for each race, 2 Iron Dwarf heavy cruisers and a Dragon Lords dragon carrier. The dwarf vessels are about 2/3 painted, but have been sat on my painting table for several weeks as I have since been distracted by Command Horizon.

I’m also waiting for the next wave of new releases for the game, as these should include new units for all three of my fleets.

OutlookThis should be a project that could be completed fairly quickly. The ships are not complicated to paint, and as I have a total of 19 to finish, I’m aiming to get these completed by the end of May, or mid-June at the latest.

4 Comments on Project – Uncharted Seas

  1. I just primed my Dragon Lords fleet, not sure about the color scheme yet.. even though it’s been done, I like the red dragon wing look.

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