Dominion – first play with Envoy & Black Market

dominionWe played Dominion last night for the first time with the new Envoy and Black Market deck expansions from BGG.

We selected those two decks, plus 8 others at random (Moat, Village, Workshop,Feast, Remodel, Throne Room, Thief and Market)

Whilst the Envoy card seemed to work pretty well – it seemed to have a very balanced effect, on the whole – I think we were surprised at the impact that the Black Market card had on the game.

If you remember, the Black Market card allows the player to buy a card from the black market – he gets the choice of the top three cards from the Black Market deck – which is created by using 1 each of all the other decks currently not in play.

This seems to be a hugely powerful card for a megre 3 money. Not only does it give you access to cards otherwise not in the game, but allows you an extra Buy action, with +2 money.

However, we also found that it appeared to increase the play time of the game, as many of us took advantage of this card, and so 11 of the 17 available Black Market cards were bought. These were 11 cards that would otherwise have probably come from the existing packs on the table, and so the length of the game was increased by several rounds (or so it seemed).

On balance, both cards are fine additions to the game, but the Black Market card is especially useful, and also adds the most difference of gameplay.

In short, if you own Dominion, you should own these expansion decks.

4 Comments on Dominion – first play with Envoy & Black Market

  1. But only having access to those black market cards infrequently means you can’t really base a deck or strategy on them.
    Using it to say gain a throne room is great, but one card in a 30+ deck isn’t going to see the the light that often, but could be very handy when it does.

    Black market is an interesting one, I still have to give it a good play really.

    Roll on eth first expansion which is comming in teh next couple of monthes. 25 new cards. Yipee! Although carrying it all around is going to be a pain.

    • Yes, but it really helps when you get to buy the Witch 🙂
      John was not happy!

      25 new decks? Agreed that new cards would be nice, but it really depends on what all these decks allow you to do. You can only get so many variations on a theme, surely?

  2. Tell that to the Magic players!

    Apparently there are 100 cards designed for teh game and he picked the best 25 cards that would work together.
    I have looked at a couple of teh new cards and they do look good.

    • Yes, but Dominion wasn’t supposed to be a CCG 🙂

      It will be interesting to see what the new cards are, and what options they add to the game.

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