Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 49

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Following on from playing the recently released Through the Mud and the Blood WWI skirmish rules at Salute, this show has an in-depth review of these great new rules from Too Fat Lardies, and I also discuss a couple of options for figures you can use with the game.

Other reviews include the re-launched Miniature Wargames magazine, and I also review the new Campaign Book, Volume 1 for Memoir ’44.

Finally, I take a few minutes to discuss why I’m an historical miniatures gamer, and why it’s such a great part of the wargaming hobby.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

00:00   Intro

03:15    Podcast News

07:10    Review – Memoir ’44, Campaign Bokk, Volume 1

14:45    Review – the relaunched Miniature Wargames Magazine

19:50    Why I play Historical Wargames

39:45   Competition Results

43:40   Review – Through the Mud and the Blood

78:40   Review – World War 1 figures: Renegade Miniatures & Great War Miniatures

92:45   Closing Comments

Too Fat Lardies –

Renegade Miniatures –

Great War Miniatures –

Miniatures Wargames Magazine –

Memoir ’44 Campaign Book –

UK Games Expo –

11 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 49

  1. Benedict Quintiliani // May 2, 2009 at 05:07 // Reply

    Has the codec changed for your podcast as i can not play it at the moment.


    • Benedict

      Not that I’m aware of – I’ve recorded and saved the show in the usual way – I wonder if it’s a problem at libsyn? I’ll investigate


  2. I enjoyed podcast #49 very much. The in-depth reviews are great. I get a lot of very helpful information.

    I would like to draw your attention to some 20mm WWI figures that you failed to mention. IT Miniatures, produced by Lancashire Games, have an extensive list of early, mid, and late war 20mm figures. They are pretty well done and even match up well with a lot of the 1/72 scale plastics.

    Anyway, thanks and keepup the good work.


  3. hi Neil

    Love the new podcast mate, really good stuff and I’ve booked marked to watch every week

    following on from Bob’s comments I can recomend a few other WWI 28mm ranges you may want to look at

    1) Musketeer Miniatures WWI Russian’s
    2) Gripping Beast (or the Woodbine design company as they are also known as) do a lovely range of Anzac’s, Turks and Brits for the Gallipoli Campaign

    both are well worth looking at

    keep up the god work


    • Mike

      Thanks, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the show.
      It looks like I’m going to have an extensive section on other WW1 minis in the next show – thanks for the update!


  4. Yet another miniature line suggestion! Old Glory has an extensive line of WWI figures, at a good price:

    I enjoy your podcasts and look forward to each one. I think you sold me on the WWI rules! I’m going to check on Sharpe Practice too.


  5. Hey Neil

    There tons of 25/28mm WWI figures out there. Best value by far are the Battle Honors WWI range which are sold by 19th Century Miniatures in the US. They have every possible army you can think of including Serbs and Russians. These figures were the first figures sculpted by Soapy and Paul Hicks. Brigade Games has a good selection of Late War Brits and Huns as well.

    Good luck

  6. looks like Neil will be doing a WWI special sometime soon 😉

    • Well, the thought of doing a ‘WW1 revisited’ for Episode 50 had crossed my mind – especially since I now have the (free) Triumphant Standards expansion for between the wars, plus Stout Hearts & Iron Troopers, the new scenario book for WW1, botyh from TFL.

      This, plus all the feedback of WW1 troops needs to be covered. 2 WW1 episodes on the trot? Could I get away with such a show?

  7. re
    Could I get away with such a show?

    yeah of course you can 😉

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