Coming soon…

Just a quick update on the state of the podcasts…

I’ve been beavering away in the background here at the Meeples & Miniatures bunker, and I’m very glad to say that we are nearing completion of my next two podcast shows.

The first episode of ‘View from the Veranda‘ has been recorded and I’m busy editing it at the moment, with the hope of releasing it at the weekend.

The very late ‘Salute Special‘ show is still in the recording process – I’ve got most of it done, but it’s been difficult getting a firm recording date with Colin Hagreen due to our diaries simply not matching up – but we are hoping to record a section before the weekend, so this show should be out before the next UK Bank Holiday.

And obviously, the next ‘proper’ Meeples & Miniatures show (number 50 no less!) will be out at the end of May. The currently content includes a review of Waterloo, the new boardgame from Martin Wallace, Knuckleduster 40mm Wild West figures, Spartan Games new 40mm Greeks and there is a distinct possibility of revisiting WW1…

For show 51, I’m looking at my in depth review being of Cold War Commander.

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