Incoming! Episode #3

Episode #3 of my weekly look back at the latest historical miniature release, now renamed ‘Incoming!’, is now available for your viewing pleasure.

I hope you enjoy it!

6 Comments on Incoming! Episode #3

  1. Hi there, really enjoyed your vidcast, first one I’ve seen but I only found it because I was wandefring arounds Steve Deans forum looking for aold Colonel Marbles vidcast and learned he has been out of business for a good long time.
    You are filling a hole in the market , much needed, well done on that front.
    Do you cover fantasy and sci fi miniatures as well?

    • Nick

      To be honest, my major interest is in historical miniatures, and also, I haven’t go the time to produce a show covering sci-fi & fantasy miniatures as well – there’s just too much stuff out there!

      I’m hoping that Col. Marbles may come back at some point – you never know…

      Thanks for your comments

  2. Jon Christenson // May 18, 2009 at 07:12 // Reply

    The reviews are very helpful and well produced. The reviews on the podcast are great, but it is also wonderful to see the pictures in the v-cast as you describe them. Keep up the fine work.

  3. Col. Marbles // May 18, 2009 at 09:11 // Reply

    Sorry pressure of work and a young family means that I can’t spend the time doing the old Colonel Marbles sci-fi & fantasy reviews like I used to.

    I wish someone would take up the challenge, if only because I’d find a one-stop shop solution to catch up with all the new releases very helpful myself. I don’t have time to trawl the web & forums like I used to.

    Very impressed by Incoming!, much more professional than my old guff.

    • Mark

      It’s a shame that you can’t find the time to produce your show anymore – I used to really enjoy it – but know just how much time it actually takes to put something like this together, so I can fully appreciate the issues!

      Thanks for your kind words about the show, but don’t do yourself down – Col. Marbles was great.


  4. lee abbott // May 28, 2009 at 21:39 // Reply

    Hi Neil,love the incoming show,is there anyway it can be put on itunes?it would be great to watch when not on the p.c.
    cheers lee.

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