Meeples & Miniatures – Ambush Alley Games Interview

ambush alley show

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Welcome to a special edition of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast. In this show I interview Shawn Carpenter & David Phipps – two of the design team of Ambush Alley Games.

I chat about their gaming background, how they came to write the Ambush Alley rules and their design process, their other rulesets (Force on Force & Ambush Z) and what their plans are for the future.

I hope that you enjoy the show.

6 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Ambush Alley Games Interview

  1. As one of the interviewees, I’d just like to say thanks to Neil for having us on. It was a fun experience and I definitely recommend it to other folks in the industry Neil might approach!

    Dave will be disappointed that Neil didn’t make him sound like Darth Vader during the editing process as he requested, especially since Neil replaced my commanding baritone voice (often described as “like Gregory Peck’s, only much more manly and sexier”) with that odd voice I hear saying my words in the interview.


    It was great fun, Neil! We’ll happily do it again, any time.

  2. An enjoyable interview to be sure. The game system is certainly novel and it’s nice to see game systems dealing with this type of fighting.

    I also thought the discussion about sensitivity to modern recent history gaming was interesting. I think though that it missed the point somewhat. Sure, it is important that US soldiers aren’t offended by this type of gaming. But what about the people that were victimized by the soldiers? Namely the people fighting for their country in their country against foreign troops (the US forces). This as well as the aggressive US foreign policy that produces such wars. It would have been interesting to hear what the authors thought about that aspect of taking care not to offend anyone.


  3. While designing the game, we did our best to be sensitive to anyone involved in the conflict.

  4. Cool, thanks for the reply. I like the game mechanics and it’s novel turn sequence. It’s quite refreshing and well presented.


    • ‘The Morality of Gaming’ is a subject that we intend to cover on the next ‘View from the Veranda’ episode, as this came up in the feedback we had to our first show, when we were discussing why people game sci-fi/fantasy genre’s rather than historical.

      The subject is a potential minefield, so I’m expecting lots of feedback once it’s published…

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