Snow Tails – first game at Scimitar

One of my unplanned purchases (and yes, I don’t impulse buy all the time) at the UK Games Expo last weekend was Snow Tails. I had a demo of the game and liked both the game play and the presentation enough to buy it.

Last Wednesday rolled around, which meant Scimitar Wargames Club, and whilst I was keen to get many of my new purchases into play, with 5 player, Snow Tails was the obvious choice.

What can I say? We all loved it! The first game took a while (I shouldn’t have put trees on the track!) but once everyone had grasped the mechanics – which only took a few turns – it became a huge success.

Several of the players likened it to Knizia’s Circus Maximus, but with more playable mechanics – though still enough to think about and make it interesting. What was more surprising was that Tony (who has actually raced a dog sled) said the game was pretty accurate about what you needed to consider when doing the real thing.

I started to put the game away after we had played one game, only to be greeted by howls of protest. Needless to say, we played it for the rest of the night, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

A surprise hit, and I’m now very glad that I bought it!

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