New download record set in June!

I just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who downloaded the podcast shows in June.

We hit a new monthly download record of 5,253 – which is fantastic!

Hopefully we will get more of the same in July. Episode 2 of ‘View from the Veranda’ is due out very shortly, followed quickly (I hope!) by Episode #51 of the normal show.

Thanks again to everyone for listening!

2 Comments on New download record set in June!

  1. Well, it’s me who has to thank you!
    I really enjoy your show, and ‘View from the Veranda’ has become my very favourite. I even started a subscription on Battlegames because of it. Henrys’ views on gaming turned me. The mag is great, and one of those products/companies we should do our hardest to make them survive these difficult times.

  2. Neil, I tried to vote for you on podcast alley but M&M is not listed there. How about getting listed on there.

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