Incoming! Episode 11

Episode 11 of ‘Incoming’, the weekly vidcast of my favourite historical miniature releases, has now been published.

This week has a decidedly Ancients feel to it, and I feature release from Miniature companies such as Baccus, Warlord, Crusader & Eureka amongst others.

I hope you enjoy the show…

1 Comment on Incoming! Episode 11

  1. randall weeks // July 11, 2009 at 15:44 // Reply

    Hello, just a quick comment, I really like your podcasts here. I did notice that you questioned whether
    the Dacians had scorpions or not, they did because that was part of the treaty agreement between Rome and Dacia
    just prior to Trajan becoming emperor. I believe
    I saw this on the history channel or it was in Terry
    Jones book, but anyway just for your info. take care

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