You may have noticed that I have fallen behind with my podcast releases…

Well, my only defence is that I’m getting distracted by too many other issues.

“But what can be more important that Ep 51?” I hear you ask  – a fair question.

First off, I have been trying to get out some more varied podcast content, so whilst you haven’t had the latest ‘monthly’ show, you at least have been treated to a couple of interviews and another VftV episode to keep your ears busy.

Secondly, I wanted to include an interview in show 51 with Richard Denning, as I wanted to talk about the UK Games Expo from June – it has been difficult to get recording time for this, so I might have to delay this to a future show.

Thirdly, real life (in the shape of work, courses and end of school term) has got in the way, which has led to me having very little free time over recent weeks.

Finally, I’ve been distracted in the last week by a computer game…more on this in a later post.

What can I say? Summer is always a little bit disruptive, and so I’ll probably try and get some ‘snippet’ shows out in the next few weeks, rather than the single ‘big’ show – simply because they are quicker and easier to put together and my free time over the summer is going to be a little more limited than normal (unless Angie and Josh disappear off for a few days, which may be likely)

And as a warning, I’m away on this coming weekend at Manorcon, and I’m also away for a week at the end of August, so we are not likely to get back onto an even keel before the September show.

Sorry guys, but I’ll do the best I can to keep things coming…

1 Comment on Distractions…

  1. mate don’t worry about it

    we’d all love to keep our wargaming promises but real life has a way of getting in the way.

    personally I would prefer to hear a great podcast from you a few times a year to a so-so one every month (if you know what I mean)

    anyway keep up the good work and your fans will back you up

    now I’m off to do my twice weekly blog post and finish all my armies as I promised myself ages ago 😉



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