Manorcon XXVII – Best and worst

So now that Manorcon has ended, what were my own highs and lows?

pic341717_tWell, my favourite games of the weekend both revolve around Feudal Japan, which is one of my favourite periods of history to game in. Both Senji and Shogun were great fun to play, but are very different games.

pic145843_tShogun is very much a traditional area control game, and is a classic game of strategy and resource management. I haven’t played it for quite some time, but it still remains my all time favourite game.

Senji on the other hand, although including aspects of area control and resource management is actually primarily a game about diplomacy. Politics and Diplomacy went hand-in-hand with military conquest in Feudal Japan, so it’s great to have two games with the overall theme, but approach the subject from two completely different angles.

pic302221_mdThe worst – well, sorry to say that it has to be Tulipmaina 1637. Nice bits and board (though horrid paper money) but game play that I found to be somewhat dry and, for want of a better word, slightly boring. Painted on theme for a stock game – not impressed (sorry).

My greatest disappointment was not playing either Brass, Automobile or Perikles during the weekend. I wanted to play all three – and they all stayed firmly in the box (despite me seeing several games of both Brass and Automobile taking place during the weekend…I always just missed getting involved.) I have become a firm fan of Martin Wallace games in recent months, but many of the more involved ones definitely need a 3 hour window to play – something we don’t get that often at Scimitar.

Manorcon is a great place simply to meet up with fellow gamers. I think it’s a credit to the hobby that you can meet new people and have a great time playing games without ever seeing them before – a boardgame is always a great place for a social gathering, and I hope to keep in touch with the people I met this weekend.

If you’re in the East Midlands in the third weekend of July next year, why not schedule a day or two at Manorcon next year – I can assure you that you will not regret it.

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