SOA Battle Day 2010 – The Carthaginians

So, having dealt with the Romans, it’s time to deal with Hannibal’s army at Carthage.

As with the Romans, the exact number of Hannibal’s troops at the battle is open to some speculation, but I’m pretty happy to go with the general consensus, which is 36,000 Infantry and 4,000 Cavalry – plus 80 war elephants. This is also the small matter of 4,000 Macedonians, if Livey is to be believed, but we will come back to that.

OK, let’s start with the easy stuff – the Cavalry. This was evenly divided into 2000 Carthaginian & Spanish Cavalry, and 2000 Numidians. This gives us the following:

  • 4 Units Medium Cavalry – 4 x 9 = 36 figures (12 strips)
  • 8 units of Light Cavalry – 8 x 6 = 48 figures (16 strips)

Onto the Infantry. Hannibal divided his army into 3 lines, each of roughly 12,000 troops.

The first line consisted of Balearic Slingers, Moorish Archers and Ligurian and Celtic Infantry. No exact numbers of each are given, so I’ll make a couple of ‘gaming’ assumptions. If we allocate 4 bases each of slingers and archers (about 1,200 men each), that leaves us with 9,600 Infantry. Divide that equally between the Ligurians and Celts gives us 4,800 each. Since both of these units are FL in Impetus terms, that gives us 6 units of each.

  • 6 Units of Light Infantry – 6 x 27 = 162 figures (54 Strips)
  • 6 Units of Celts – 6 x 27 = 162 figures (54 strips)
  • 4 Units of Slingers – 4 x 12 = 48 figures (12 strips)
  • 4 units of Archers – 4 x 12 = 48 figures (12 strips)

Onto the second line, which consisted of 12,000 Carthaginian Levy. They are described as ‘Heavy Infantry’, but I suspect the are actually more like FL in Impetus, as they were Levy, so I’m going to treat them as such (and use the Baccus Citizen Infantry from their Carthage range). This gives us a nice round number…

  • 15 Units of Light Infantry – 15 x 36 = 540 figures (135 strips)

Finally, there is the third line, which consists of 12,000 of Hannibal’s veterans. These were a mix of Brutians, Africans, Spanish etc, but all heavies. Again, the maths is easy

  • 10 Units of Heavy Infantry – 10 x 48 = 480 figures (120 strips)

At this point we may also want to consider the Macedonians – if we wanted to use them, they would equate to roughly 3 units of Heavy Infantry…

  • 3 units of Heavy Infantry – 3 x 48 = 144 figures (36 strips)

And finally we have the elephants. There seems to be no basing conventions for these, so it’s really a ‘look and feel’ issue. 80 elephants should look impressive, but not be overpowering. so, 4 units? Maybe 6? I think 6 units, spread across the front of the army, would look better…

  • 6 units of elephants – 6 x 3 = 18 figures

OK, if I thought that the Roman Army was big, this is HUGE. 48 Units of Infantry, 12 Units of Cavalry and 6 units of elephants, which equates to roughly 1,584 infantry, 84 cavalry and 18 elephants.

Time to go away and have a think about this…

2 Comments on SOA Battle Day 2010 – The Carthaginians

  1. Now this is the worlds ultimate painting project.

    • If you think this is ambitious, you should see the guys who are trying to do this as the “World’s biggesst Commands & Colors Game”, with all the units in 28mm – about 1,600 figures in total.

      It will be at Salute 2010 and then at the SOA Battle Day.

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