Incoming! – Episode 14

The latest episode of Incoming! for w/e 7th August 2009.

This week, by some strange quirk, all the featured releases are 28mm scale, but it’s a real bumper crop!

This week I look at figures from the likes of Wargames Factory, Warlord Miniatures, Copplestone Castings and Tiger Miniatures, amongst others.

4 Comments on Incoming! – Episode 14

  1. Paul Caspall // August 9, 2009 at 04:44 // Reply

    Thanks again Neil.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Tiger Min. Askari on Mules: glad they were mules as it’s the sort of size Gripping Beast does their horses compared with men! Mules all identical, otherwise very good figures.

    WF Caesar: another chunky 28, not remotely like Caesar, ridiculously oversized gladius (looks like a cricket bat). Mediocre at best.

    BAM Pz.Gren: nice idea for diorama, good poses, but figures look like children with unhappy hobbit faces.

    WF German Tribal Leader: another chunky 28, not bad, good pose, big sword, okay.

    WG Prince Rupert: very good dynamic figure (with typically oversized rider). Musculature on horse’s neck looks a bit odd (most apparent when shown facing to the left…see Earl of Essex below).

    WF Vikings. Getting better for WF. Chainmail detail still soft, first bloke in silly dancing pose, need to see more variations to have a better idea.

    Artizan Arab Cavalry: very good, well sculpted, highly detailed, dynamic poses. Infantry also very good.

    Copplestone Sun King additions: excellent, although range of poses for non-command is still extremely limited, as has been the case from the start with this range which is probably the only real disappointing aspect.

    Perry Napoleonic French Carabiniers & Cuirassiers: superb in every way. The benchmark for 28mm Napoleonic cavalry.

    WG Earl of Essex: excellent characterful figure with a lot of presence. Great detail and pose. There’s that horse neck muscle thing again…just doesn’t look right (muscle region closest to mane is too big compared with the central region below it).


  2. Samurai Gunslinger // August 9, 2009 at 21:31 // Reply

    Hey Niel, this is Troy for TWIW,

    Just wondering why these are not on the podcast feed? I would love to have them show up on my iPhone. Im one of those people who only ever remembers to listen to something because it shows up automatically on my podcast feed.

    I know iTunes will accept them, or is it a feed hosting issue due to the additional bandwidth of video?

    • Hi Troy

      To be honest, it’s a bandwidth issue. If I posted these on the podcast feed, they would take up 100MB of my monthly allocation. Given that I produce two other monthly shows (at least) this could severely limit what I produce – unless I double my outgoings on bandwidth.

      I might try it as an experiment, and see how it goes though, as I think the show is pretty popular.

      Thanks for the comment


  3. Excellent top ten… All figures I would have put on there for sure, and a nice comentary to boot! I am really starting to look forward to this podcast man, thanks for putting in the effort and I am looking forward to seeing more of it!


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