Podcast Interviews – audio problems?

Hi everyone

I’ve had a couple of comments of some forums about the poor audio quality of a couple of the recent interviews, so I thought a word of explanation may be in order.

Where possible, I try to record interviews with people via Skype – Skype, as that gives a very clear line (usually) – the View from the Veranda shows are a case in point.

However, not everyone I talk to has access to Skype, and therefore I record interviews from Skype – telephone, which has a mixed quality (for example, the most recent interview in show 51). I try to clear the results up as best I can, but I’m currently using fairly basic audio software, so the post recording processing is not what it could be.

If you think a particular show is suffering from poor audio, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do to clean it up further.

However, if anyone can recommend an audio package that could help with post-production audio clean-up, I would be grateful (For PC/Windows please – I know Macs are better for audio, but I’m somewhat constrained in my hardware choice at the moment)


8 Comments on Podcast Interviews – audio problems?

  1. Paul Caspall // August 10, 2009 at 05:21 // Reply

    Hi Neil
    The audio wasn’t too bad, just a noticeable difference in volume and clarity between yourself and Richard. As my wife was sleeping in the next room, I had to have the volume down low which made for a bit of a challenge to hear Richard at times, but it was okay.
    Oh and thanks for the mention – happy to entertain! 🙂

  2. I echo Pauls comments Neil, people have to realise this is a free podcast and therefore you don’t have the budget to meet up with your interviewee’s and record it

    keep up the good work mate it can only get better


    PS can I be the first to request that Paul does a Incoming reply each week like he did for issue 14, as his comment are always worth a read (not saying I agree with them all the time but I respect his standpoint all the same)

    • Paul Caspall // August 10, 2009 at 09:16 // Reply

      We could call it “Snowy’s Soapbox”!

      (I’m Snowcat on Frothers)

      And then I’d request that my ‘username’ get changed to Snowcat as well.

      Neil’s probably gone white as a sheet. 🙂

      • Paul Caspall // August 10, 2009 at 09:20 //

        Oh and thanks for that Mike. Much appreciated.

        (It’s probably a good thing that you don’t agree with all my comments . . . bodes well for your sanity and all that.)


  3. Paul I never said I was sane


  4. Well that makes two of us then. 🙂

    Notice how quiet it’s gone in here . . . ?

    (Hi Neil)


    • What can I say?

      As with all my shows, it’s partly there to promote comment – so the more comment the merrier in my book.

      *Mr Flibble and the King of the Potato People*

  5. Splendid. I’ll try to be gentle…


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