“Incoming!” – Episode 15

Welcome to episode 15 of “Incoming!

This show looks at historical miniature releases for w/e 14th August 2009, and includes new releases from manufacturers such as Warlord Miniatures, Campaign Game Miniatures, Hat Industries, HLBS Co and Gorgon Studios.

You can now download a version of this vidcast in MP4 format for your iPod/Video Walkman

Incoming Episode 15.

5 Comments on “Incoming!” – Episode 15

  1. Awesome idea going to Itunes for Incoming! That’s how I get my Meeples and Miniatures podcast. I tend to miss Incoming on Youtube.

  2. Have a good holiday, Neil!

    Oh, and thanks for the reviews…


  3. Agree 100% about the Cato and Macro figures. What a disappointment.

    Have a good break.

  4. Liked the balance in the reviews. Nice mix.

    My take:

    10. Warlord Games 28mm ECW Mortar & crew: Does the job but nothing special as mentioned.
    9. Battlefield Miniatures 20mm Late War US Infantry: Excellent figures, realistic proportions & poses, if nothing overly dynamic. What has happened to most of their old WW2 German ranges? They appear to have disappeared…
    8. Crusader 28mm Cartho Citizen Militia: They’ll rank up well, but there’s something bland about them. Is it the same beard on identical heads, same basic slightly wooden pose? Spears appear to have proper spear butts (not just painted ends), which is a good thing. Overall, nothing ‘wrong’ with them, just a little bland.
    7. Hat 20mm Colonial Field Artillery: Look pretty good. Realistic proportions and poses. Can’t really tell about the faces.
    6. Hat 20mm Carabiniers & Voltigeurs: Look the business. Realistic proportions, poses, weapons. Only the sabres look a bit ‘plastic’. 🙂 Good to see elite companies being done.
    5. Warlord Games 28mm Macro & Cato: About as average as their names imply. Arms & legs overly chunky. Shields too short. Bad face on standard bearer as mentioned.
    4. Hat 28mm Carabiniers & Voltigeurs: Like the 20mm versions, except these ones appear a little more wooden for some reason. Would like closer photos to really see the detail, esp the faces. Sabres look ‘plastic’ again. 🙂 I suspect these may look a bit taller/leaner than the Perry’s and Victrix. Elite companies again.
    3. Campaign Game Miniatures 15mm Old Guard Grenadiers: Okay-good. A few of the bearskins look a little short. And the poses are a bit clumsy on some figures, largely as a result of some soft sculpting work with clunky anatomy.
    2. HLBS 1/48 Russian BMP1: Wouldn’t have a clue re its accuracy. Looks fine.
    1. Gorgon-Studios 28mm Etruscan Hoplites: Chunky 28s that look good. Appears that you make your own spears, as spear tips look home-made, and spears lack butts. Nice mix of typical poses with a bit of dynamism thrown in. Bring on Lars Porsena!

    Happy holiday and thanks again! 🙂

  5. Bit late in the piece but just had my first look at ‘Incomming’ – great reviews and an excellent quick ‘snapshot’ of recent releases. I concur with most of the reviews, interesting that HaT appear to be taking it to the competition. Previous HaT figures used to be in that nasty cheap soft plastic, slippery with release and way too ‘bendy’ to hold a paint job effectively. If they’re hard plastic, thats a huge step in the right direction. In terms of sculpting, they are anatomically correct but still a bit ordinaire in detail – they’re all elite companies too which is a bit limited for a box of 48 figures. Still, they are relatively cheap and typical HaT, there will be loads more in the 28mm range (as fast as they can re-scale the 20mm masters for new moulds I’d venture!) – and their range is huge. They may have one big advantage over Victorix – scale – as the latter are HUGE at 30mm plus from toe to eyeline. It would appear ‘scale creep’ will afflict new plastics ranges just as much as it did the original metals. Thanks again for a great review.

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