New ‘Space Hulk’ – oh so tempting…

Space HulkSo, the 20th Anniversary edition of Space Hulk – the best game that Games Workshop have ever produced – has gone on pre-order today.

Whilst the new edition looks very nice – all new unique Terminators, new Genestealers (which look at least partly inspired by the Horrorclix Aliens – leaping off scenery etc), plastic objective markers – it’s already flagging up a single question…

…should I buy it?

OK – if you don’t own the game, it’s a no-brainer – yes, Yes, YES!!!

However, I own the 1st (and best IMO) edition of the game, plus all the expansions, the extra missions and board pieces from White Dwarf and a load of extra board pieces – plus lots of painted (yes PAINTED!) Terminators from my Dark Angels Deathwing army.

People are complaining at the price – £58.75. It’s a lot of money…no more than a big box game from FFG (Middle Earth Quest, for example) but still a lot of money. The new game components would seem to indicate that the rules have gone back to 1st Edition (flamer templates, timer for Space Marines) with addition rules from Deathwing (extra Space Marine weapons, plus Librarian/Captain)

So, should I buy this game?

To be honest, it’s really put me into a quandry. The game components, though nice, are a simple artwork update from the original game  – and my copy is still in perfectly good condition. No plastic doors, no plastic floors or walls, all cardboard. Yes, we now have nice entry point markers for the Genestealers – and a sandtimer – but that’s nothing too groundbreaking is it?

So, other than the new minis, this looks to be the same game that I already own – and indeed, I own much more than what is provided here. Yes, it’s only £60, but having seen several new releases from FFG which should be in the UK before the end of the year, I think I can spend my money elsewhere more wisely.

But its a new version of Space Hulk

I haven’t got long to decide – with only 35,000 copies, I can see this selling out very quickly on pre-order.

My car insurance doesn’t really need renewing at the end of the month, does it?

…and then of course I remember that I’ve actually got a whole load of painted Eureka Aliens, the full set of Colonial Marines from Gripping Beast, and a whole host of ‘Alien-esque’ scenery from people like Graven Images and Scotia Grendel – and all is well with the world – let’s face it, Space Hulk is really ‘Aliens‘, isn’t it?

12 Comments on New ‘Space Hulk’ – oh so tempting…

  1. Same quandry, I have all the first edition stuff but its in the loft and not been played for years. I mean years, maybe 15+ years.
    New version looks good and I am sure it would get played as its “cult of the new” but for how long?

    Its a tough one and I think that the nostalgia factor is weighing heavily. It really is a great game.

  2. Exactly. Will I kick myself for not getting this? – I did when I missed getting a copy of 2nd Edition for £10 from ‘The Works’.

    But £60 is a lot, especially with 3 Battlelore expansions, 2 Tannhauser expansions and other stuff coming out…and I’m tempted by Middle Earth Quest as well.

  3. There’s 2 threads re this on Frothers. Plenty of useful opinions there – if you dare! 😯

  4. I had the same quandry as I also own the original game etc

    but after thinking about it for about a nano second I weakened and pre-ordered it

    I guess I don’t have your moral fortitude, or car insurance to pay at the end of the month


  5. It has to be said, as I see more of the miniatures previewed on the GW website, the less I like them.

    The Space Marines are very OTT Blood Angels – goes with the theme of the original game, but I much prefer Dark Angels myself – and some of the poses look a little ridiculous (The Terminator holding the Genestealer head/neck, for example)

    The same goes for the Genestealers – they just look a little OTT…

    It’s almost as if they have given someone free reign to do what they want with the minis and they have gone off with a “oh, this would look COOL” set of ideas, but there has been a lack of editorial control.

    The models don’t just need to look cool, they need to be fully functional and workable of the tabletop.

    This is beginning to temper my original drooling enthusiasm – I’m glad I didn’t click the ‘checkout’ button just yet…

  6. I agree with what you say about them being OTT Blood Angels but hey it gives me an excuse to do a BA army in the future 🙂

    so the big question is does the game make incoming this week?

  7. Space Hulk on Incoming? Only if it came in via a timewarp 🙂

    I like the Genestealer bursting out of the floor which they have shown today…

    …oh no, could my resolve be weakening?

  8. 🙄

    It’s only a matter of time…


  9. Not employed by GW // August 23, 2009 at 13:24 // Reply

    Pre-ordered, no brainer.

    Let’s face it, 4th ed. is limited and you won’t see another edition until 2039 (if at all). As far as I can see, it incorporates all the best bits from previous editions – timed SM move, psychic combat (minus mechanic breaking hybrids) courtesy of the Librarian and Brood Lord – and it also features some very nice (if not OTT) sculpts.

    Besides which, if I find myself hard up in the near future I can always sell it for more than I just paid.

    That said, I can see why owners of 1st Edition would be in more of a quandary – although it’s been long enough to justify the purchase of a new edition hasn’t it? 20 years!!!

    If you’re already asking yourself ‘Will I regret it?’ The answer is assuredly – Yes!

    [Oh, and don’t forget ‘Chaos in the Old World’ by FFG 😈 ]

  10. I’ve never played the original but the game does look like a blast, but at $99.00 US ouch. Oh heck I’ll order it as a Christmas present for my son! I wonder how I’ll explain why all the terrain pieces and counters are already punched out on Christmas morning….

    I’m assuming the miniatures are the same scale as regular 40k? I was hoping to supplant the existing miniatures with ones we already own.

  11. Will there be any Expansion for this Edition?
    Deathwing Expansion would be nice.

    • As I understand it, this edition of the game includes most of the Deathwing rules – certainly the game include figures aremed with Assault Cannon, Lightning Claws & Thunder Hammer, plus a Captain and a Librarian – all these models rules come from Deathwing.

      I’d have prefered it if the Marines were either generic, or Dark Angel Deathwing terminators myself…

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