Battlelore Heroes – Common sense prevails…

pic543663_mdWhilst we have to wait until the end of October before this much-awaited expansion is released in the UK, at least due to FFG’s stance of releasing PDFs of the rules for their games, we can get to see what we can expect from this latest expansion.

Overall so far, it looks pretty good.

However, anyone who knows me will know that although I am a huge fan of this game, there is one thing that I have a big problem with…and that is the rules for boldness and melee battle-back. The simple fact that units can attack enemy units in hand-to-hand combat without risk of losing casualties of their own just seems plain wrong.

Well, I’m very glad to say that this has finally been addressed in this new expansion, as they have introduced a new rule – Battle Savvy Troops. This rule allows any unit to battle back, as long as it is not forced to retreat or is eliminated, which puts the game back on par with Commands & Colors: Ancients, IMO.

OK, it means that bold units loose some of their appeal (their only advantage is ignoring a flag) but I think it’s a major step forward for game balance and common sense.


3 Comments on Battlelore Heroes – Common sense prevails…

  1. But what about the ££££, this is reportedly going to be way more than the last expansions and for what? 11 minis and some rules.

    I haven’t played Battlelore for a long time, its a good game but I think Ancients is better. Throw in the cost of the expansions and I will not be rushing out to buy this.

  2. Well, the price, from what I can see, is still £TBC.

    However, it’s a bit more than just 11 minis…

    2 new Terrain Tiles, plus 37 tokens, and 110 cards (40 Skill, 65 Artifact plus some summary cards)

    Given the extra functionality that this provides for the game, I think this is the most important expansion since CTA… (Think how powerful Julius Caesar is in C&C:A – Heroes are like that, and then some due to the artifacts they may be carrying)

    Now, if you were to argue price on the Creatures and Dragons expansions, there I might be inclined to agree with you…

  3. Agree on the Creatures and Dragons. While they contain extras, I can’t get over how they are more expensive than my individual 40k blisters.

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