Just when you thought 1/48th WW2 was dead…

As you (should) know by now, one of my great loves is World War 2 skirmish gaming.

This sort of game is great with larger scale figures, and I am a big fan of the range of 1/48th scale figures which Richard Ansell sculpted for North Star (along with the companion Project X range) – and I own a platoon or so of each range (apart from the Russians)

I’ve been keen to see this range expand – expecially to include Fallschirmjager (which were sadly overlooked in the initial releases) – and it’s also been hard to get hold of any of the figures recently…especially since I’ve been looking to purchase the 1945 German Infantry range.

So, I was very pleased to see that this range looks to have been given a new lease of life by Scarab Miniatures, who have recently purchased the entire range. I’m hoping to have a chat with them at The Other Partizan to see what they have got planned..

However, even better news was that having exchanged email with a podcast listener (Hello Don!) about 1/48th Scale minis, he told me of another UK company that produced 1/48th Scale figures which I was not previously aware of – Enemy Lines Miniatures.  Now this is a relatively new company, and they are producing 1/48th scale figures aimed primarily at the Italian Campaign in WW2, but their first releases include some rather nice Fallschirmjager:





I’m looking forward to seeing these ‘in the metal’ and comparing them to the 2 packs of Fallschirmjager that North Star actually produced. Hopefully these will all be compatible and if will mean I can collect a full platoon for gaming in Normandy…

3 Comments on Just when you thought 1/48th WW2 was dead…

  1. Paul Caspall // September 4, 2009 at 08:27 // Reply

    Sorry, don’t like those much. Too chunky and little boyish looking for me, esp at that scale. Another example of a certain trend.

    Got any pix of the Richard Ansell ones? At least they should have excellent proportions. They might even look a bit on the thin/tall side…!


  2. 40mm Fuhrer // March 4, 2010 at 16:13 // Reply

    I’m afraid I agree with the comment above, they seem to have the proportions of a child.

  3. Jim Hargrave // November 23, 2012 at 12:25 // Reply

    They look like wargame figures – not children. Anything anatomically correct doesn’t look right for wargaming. It’s great this scale is being added to. There’s a fantastic range of 1/48th vehicles already available and 28mm figures don’t look right with them, despite some gamers matching the two scales.

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