1/48th Fallschirmjager – Enemy Lines vs North Star (Scarab)

Paul Caspall was asking how the Enemy Lines figures that I mentioned yesterday match up with their North Star equivalents.

Marco at Enemy Lines is going to send me a sample, but here are side-by-side pictures of the figure sets – North Star is first, followed by Enemy Lines.

MF1007 Fallschirmjager


As you can see, there are a few apparent differences in proportion (Enemy Lines still have that ‘Heroic 28mm’ look to them, I think) so it will be interesting to see what these are like side-by-side ‘in the metal’

10 Comments on 1/48th Fallschirmjager – Enemy Lines vs North Star (Scarab)

  1. The North Star ones look a lot better.

    Having said that, they remind me a lot of the 28mm Artizan stuff by Mike Owen. I believe Richard is into more ‘correct’ proportions these days.

  2. PS If it’s 1/48 you want, these might be worth the wait…

    By Tom Meier.

  3. If you have the room, why not go all the way and play with 1/35?

    Loads of excellent, realistic stuff available there. (Plastic though…) 😉

    • Ah – 1/35 plastics – that takes me back.

      I used to own every single 1/35 box set that Airfix ever produced. I gave them away to a friend’s son when I was about 19, and have regretted it ever since (oh the foolishness of youth!) 😦

      Josh currently has quite a few of these figures though…but I think he’d notice if I suddenly ‘appropriated’ them. Plus, he doesn’t have the US Paras or the Fallschirmjager, which were definitely my two favourite sets.

    • Also, I bought a load of Frog/Fuman 1/48th scale kits before they disappeared – initialy to play with 28mm stuff.

      Then North Star started to release their 1/48th stuff, so I swapped to those (as I was heading into my ‘big toy’ 40mm period).

      Now they are just lying in a box waiting for the delicate caress of my paint brush.

  4. In hindsight, I’m not so keen on the hands of the North Star figures in that pic. Too big.

  5. For more info & pix of those Fox Miniatures by Tom Meier…


    • We’ve been waiting an absolute age for these – I think we first saw some of this stuff 2+ years ago. They are superb, but I hate to think what the price will be…if they ever come out, that is.

  6. FOx is great figures but those posts are 2 years old. Whose got 6 to 10 years for a full range to be available? I am 47 now!

  7. Guys I totally hear you!!!I have started the same way Earthquake did!!tons of 1/43 and 1/48 and 1/50 materiel!!now as I will start producing figures finally we will be spoiled for choice as there will be more than 10 different sets on my first ranges!!

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