Sci-Fi & Fantasy Incoming! – Episode 1

Yes, you read it correctly – I have now produced a Sci-Fi & Fantasy Edition of my Incoming! vidcast.

I hope you enjoy this new part of my vidcast adventure!

The show will also be available from the podcast feed on iTunes

5 Comments on Sci-Fi & Fantasy Incoming! – Episode 1

  1. Col. Marbles // September 5, 2009 at 17:51 // Reply

    Loved it ! Thanks for doing this !!

  2. Great podcast Neil

    love the idea of having the seperation between Historical and Sci-Fi

  3. Love the show. Thanks for doing sci-fi/fantasy version. Can we expect to see one each week?

    • Hi John

      Yes, that’s the plan moving forward – 2 shows a week, plus another video show once a month…(but that’s a surprise…)

      I’m in the process of setting up a new iTunes download for the Video Podcast which is different from the standard Audio show, so you should be able to subscribe to it separately – hopefully by the end of the week (waiting of iTunes to approve the RSS feed)

      Many thanks for your comment


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