Shadows Over Camelot – how many ways to lose?

pic70547_mdLast night saw another meeting of Scimitar Wargames Group, and it was good to see a healthy number there this week – 15 as opposed to the 4 of us from the week before!

Whilst several people took part in an epic scale Commands & Colors battle to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the battle of Teutoburg Forest, the rest of us were left playing board games.

So, for the second week running, Shadows Over Camelot hit the table (along with the Merlin’s Company expansion). After a win with 4 of us last week, this week we were feeling pretty confident – even with only 3…how wrong we were!

Two dead knights, 7 black swords and 10 catapults later…

This is a good game – obviously better with more people playing (we are still to play a really big game – 7 or 8 players with 2 traitors must be a real blast) but enjoyable all the same.

Highly recommended!

BTW – next week it’s Battlestar Galactica with the Pegasus expansion and a full 7 players – should be a good one.

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