Grind – Warmachine meets Blood Bowl

Grind Cover

OK, I know I’m slow on the uptake sometimes, but whilst I was browsing through the ‘Coming Soon’ pages on the IGUK website, I saw the above cover and thought ‘that looks like a Warjack’, which was quickly followed by feeling along the lines of ‘I want it…’

OK, so whilst I used to play Warmachine, I never came across this rules variant – and now it looks like Privateer Press are producing a full board game of Grind using some new plastic Warjacks.

The initial impression is that Privateer Press are producing their own version of Blood Bowl – but basing the game on 5-a-side football, rather than American Football.

Though the £48 price tag is certainly not cheap, if the models are of the same production quality as their metal versions (or even close) then this is certainly worth a look.

It’s slated for a 30th October release, and I must admit that this is yet another game that has my fingers twitching…

Talking of Blood Bowl, I’ve still got my 3rd Edition of that game (the one with the Astrogranite pitch) along with Dungeon Bowl, around somewhere (I think they are in the shed) I will have to fish them out, as I did like that game – and I’m sure Josh would be interested.

3 Comments on Grind – Warmachine meets Blood Bowl

  1. ahhhhhhh, noooooooooooooo

    why did you have to mention this game. I don’t play warmachine but after looking at this game I now want to.

    Dont you understand my cupboard of wargaming goodies (i.e. the stuff I hide from the wife) is already overflowing and cant take anymore purchases


  2. Looks a great game and the price point is about the same as a new box set of blood bowl.

    Still play blood bowl, stuff a wonderful game, use in the process of painting a team of Nuns(Humans). Now you can get blood bowl on PC too. Fun for all the family, lol.

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