SF&F Incoming – Episode II

Welcome to the second episode of the Sci-Fi & Fanatsy edition of the Incoming! video podcast.

This show features new releases from w/e 11th September 2009, and includes new figures from Cipher Studioes, Mithril Miniatures, Freebooter Miniatures and Dream Pod 9.

8 Comments on SF&F Incoming – Episode II

  1. Another excellent review.
    The Smart Max SMOG range of figures are so good that they make me wonder if 54mm for this sort of thing could become really popular. A group of stunning large (54mm) figures vs another similar group (or scattered opponents) really does look great on the table, compared with 28-30mm.

    • I agree with you – they are a fantastic range of figures…somewhat expensive, but really good. Skirmishing with large sized figures is some of the reason why I got into 40mm in the first place, and your reasoning is exactly why GW went 54mm with Inquisitor – though that didn’t work because I think most people actually were geared to 28mm after games like Necromunda.

      Have you seen the rest of the range? Some amazing figures – Mei Leung and the Opium Dragon is a great dual-model.

      Looking at the blog, there is a game release due for first quarter of 2010 – skirmish style game with 5-10 figures a side. At 22.00 – 25.00 Euros a figure, this is still expensive, but very do-able.

      Something to keep an eye on, I think

      • I’ve already started putting together an approx 54mm cartoon proportioned band of heroes for Mutants & Death Ray Guns along these lines. It just looks wonderful, esp with the oversized heads and toony features!

        Have been following each SMOG release via Frothers where they have received almost universal acclaim.

        Major Dreadfull next week I expect…


      • Ooh – those sound interesting…got any piccies?

        Indeed, Major Dreadful it is…I don’t why, but VSF always seems to really capture people’s imagination.

    • Oh, and watch out for next week’s show – another SMOG figure looms…

  2. Thanks for taking the time to review new figues in this way.
    As always a pleasure to listen and watch your vidcast.

  3. No pix yet. I’m converting some of the toony figures from MSB Toys (girl, anthropomorphic pig & rabbit), and combining them with a toony robot from Reaper, a brilliant plastic bulldog and a toony retro armoured car that will have a gramophone horn instead of guns on its turret. Very ‘children’s book’ theme. 🙂

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