Incoming! Episode 19

Episode 19 of the Incoming! vidcast is now available.

This show features new releases from Khurasan Miniatures, Warlord Games, Ebob Miniatures and Eureka Miniatures

4 Comments on Incoming! Episode 19

  1. Two more great episodes. And I like the addition of the other new releases to the show.

  2. yeah I agree seeing the ones outside of the top 10 is good and a great addition to the whole thing.

    also can I ask a quick question. Why do you show unreleased “greens” in the podcast instead of just waiting for them to be released? as we tend to see the same figures appearing multiple times over the series.
    btw this is not a criticism as you know I’m a fan, I’m just interested in the thought process behind the podcast. Do you see it as a collection of new items that you find interesting and therefore greens and pre-releases are a valid addition or is it a podcast just about new releases to the market in which case they probably shouldn’t be there.

    Anyway feel free to tell me to shut up if I’m being impudent 😉 I know these things can evolve over time and even if it started as one thing it can quickly change when the mood takes hold.



    • Mike

      When I started, I think the plan was just to look at what was being actually released for purchase that week – however I have been seduced by the ‘Wow’ factor on several occassions, and put greens into the show.

      As you say, I have become the model of inconsistency, and as a result, miniatures feature twice in different weeks (I think the Perry twins have been one of the main features of this).

      I like featuring greens and preview pictures, but I need to become consistent and only feature them in my ‘Top 10’ once. Now that the show format has changed slightly, I think what I can do is to feature minis when they are first previewed, and then have another section to say ‘hey, these have now been released‘ but don’t give them a second bite of the cherry in the ‘Top 10’

      How’s that grab you?


  3. Sounds good mate

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