SF&F Incoming! – Episode IV

In this, Episode 4 of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Edition of the Incoming! Video Podcast, my weekly retrospective includes new releases from Reaper Miniatures, West Wind Productions, Critical Mass Games and Taban Miniatures.

3 Comments on SF&F Incoming! – Episode IV

  1. Tiger Mecha: terribly uninspired random conglomeration of bits. Did I say *uninspired*?!

    Liked the look of the WW2 Russian Goblins though. Absolutely no use for them, but nice.

  2. Forgot to mention Seraphine La Roux – one of the best 28/30mm miniatures ever sculpted. 8)

  3. some interesting stuff once again Neil

    oh and just to let you know the podcast looks great on an iphone


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