Race for the Galaxy – a new lease of life…

pic236327I’ve been a big fan of Race for the Galaxy ever since it came out, and I’ve bought both expansions – however, it has been somewhat difficult in the past to find opponents.

All this has now changed, thanks to listening to the last episode of The Dice Tower podcast.

On this show, they were talking about Race for the Galaxy, and playing it solo against ‘robot’ opponents.

I followed this up on BoardGameGeek and came across the following site:


This is a full version of Race for the Galaxy (approved by Rio Grande) that allows you to play the game solo on your PC against up to 5 AI opponents, and includes the original game and both expansions.

It does the job for me, and allows me to scratch my RftG itch. A game plays in about 10-15 minutes, and this program would also be good for teaching others how to play (without all the hassle of card drawing and shuffling).

Check it out.

2 Comments on Race for the Galaxy – a new lease of life…

  1. Jonathan Moody // September 29, 2009 at 22:27 // Reply

    This little gem might play me right out of rftg. I have played a LOT of it lately, and am starting to get a little tired of the game.

    Playing with an actual opponent might provide me an opportunity to WIN, but I will probably pick other games that don’t have a nice computer version.

    Interesting to contrast that to nice Vassal and Cyberboard variants, which increase my desire to play a game vs another human.

  2. Yep it does it very well. Maybe too well as I haven’t won a game yet.

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