Blood Bowl mania…

pic66287_mdDon’t ask me why, but all of a sudden Blood Bowl seems to have had a resurgence in our gaming group.

This has led to some frantic searching – both about the web, eBay, and even in my shed(!) as we have been digging around for rules, boards and miniatures, as it now appears decided that a Blood Bowl league will be starting shortly (I’ve a game in about 3 weeks, allegedly!)

Now, I’m no stranger to this game. Indeed, somewhere in my sons’ wardrobe lies both 1st Edition boxesBB V1, complete with all the teams in all their cardboard glory. I enjoyed this game immensely at the time, though looking back it was a somewhat long-winded affair.

I also purchased the second edition of the game (the one with the Astro-granite pitch), although its whereabouts where a mystery until recent days…

So, back to the present, and there has been much exchange of email about how we go about getting a game together. The Living Rulebook is a free download, but you still need a pitch, some templates and a board – plus the miniatures, of course.

OK, GW still sell everything, but it’s £50 for the Third Edition game, and the teams retail about £30 – £40 each (figures are almost £5 each!)

Luckily, there are alternatives. Impact miniatures produce a range of miniatures for their Elfball game, Heresy produce some great figures for Deathball (including a fantastic Ogre & Minotaur) and Hasslefree also produce several examples of ‘Fantasy Football’ figures.

pic256111_mdAnd then, as if by magic, I found my 2nd Edition box set – whilst clearing out the shed.

It was lying on a bottom shelf, covered in cobwebs. The box had seen better days, but the pitch, templates and figures were OK – the figures were even painted! (I’d forgotten about that!)

pic525821_mdAnd sitting on top of the 2nd Edition box was a copy of DungeonBowl. This was almost as new – completely unpunched. However, it has become a victim of the damp, and is almost completely ruined – except for the plastic Elf and Dwarf teams in the box.

Mind you, one thing that quickly became apparent was the poor quality of the playing ‘boards’ in this game – they are little more that thick paper…they make cereal boxes look thick!

BBv2 booksAlso in the boxes were the 2nd Edition expansion books – now completely useless, but an interesting read, all the same.

And so this leads me onto my final Blood Bowl related purchase – the new computer game.

Since I don’t own a games PC (and my laptop lacks a 3d card) I went for the DS version to play on my sons handheld.

OK, the graphics aren’t a patch on the PC version, but all the gameplay is there – or so I thought.

However, half way through my first Championship game, the game hung. Reloaded the game, it hung again – in the same place. Not impressed.

944027_127465_frontSome of the control interfaces (especially substitutions) are problematic, at best – and this is a major issue in the ‘campaign’ game.

Solo one-off games seem OK, so far – but this has led me to the Focus Interactive forum and what I’ve found in the two days I’ve been playing the game looks to be the tip of the iceberg.

OK, if a PC game has bugs, you can install patches and fix them – but how are you supposed to ‘patch’ a DS cartridge? I feel a customer complaint to Focus and/or Nintendo coming on.

I’ll give a full review of the game in the next Meeples & Miniatures podcast.

2 Comments on Blood Bowl mania…

  1. I never got into blood bowl which is strange as I’ve played pretty much every other game they’ve produced

    maybe one day I’ll give it a go

  2. PanzerKaput // October 2, 2009 at 23:23 // Reply

    I love the game, simply one of the best, if not the best game GW ever did. I’ve been playing it since first ed and the gameplay has just got better over the years. I have 14 teams, strangely no wood, pro or high elves, as I cant find the figures I want. There are many good figures out there from Shadowforge, love those figure check out the bunny girls and nuns, Impact, some good models there and you got to see the deadling team, to GW. And you dont have to use bloodbowl figures, for example a box of gobos or chaos breastmen or even the orges, all can be converted into a team. Its a great game and I am still in love with it even after 20 years.

    For the PC game, I have it and it is very close to the tabletop game. There are some issues with it, but each new patch is increasing its playability and making it closer to the tabletop. The main problem is that it doesnt have all the teams, in fact it only has eight out of the 21 teams in the Living Rulebook. Still I like it and it means I can play it without getting the box out.

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