Podcast & Vidcast news – October 2009

Hi everyone

Just thought I’d give you a quick update with what is due to be happening during the course of October…the answer is ‘not a lot’.

Meeples & Miniatures – I’m hoping to get a short show out sometime in the next two weeks. This will probably be missing it’s ‘in-depth’ review though…

View from the Veranda – Henry and I recorded a show last Thursday, but I’ve been struggling for time to edit it (it didn’t help that we talked for 150 minutes!). Editing is ongoing, and I’m hoping to have this published (and running for under 2 hours!) next week.

Incoming! – Well, the vidcasts were published as normally last week, but are likely to take a small hiatus until the end of October.

Miniature Review Vidcast – I’m desperate to get some of these out, but I simply can’t see it happening until the end of the month.

“What is the problem?” I hear you ask?

A simple lack of time, I’m afraid. I spent half of last weekend in Oxford, and I’m away again this weekend, as my niece is getting married. Schools Half-Term week is upon us in October as well, and I’m away for two consecutive weekends as the family are on holiday in Skye (and the laptop has been banded from being taken!)

I’m (somewhat desperately) hoping that things will return to something approaching normal come the end of October – assuming I remember what normal is, of course!

2 Comments on Podcast & Vidcast news – October 2009

  1. mate don’t sweat it we’ll all be here on your return

    remember work life balance is very important


  2. Looking fwd to the next VFTV especially!



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