Incoming! – Episode 20

Welcome to Episode 20 of the Incoming! Video Podcast

This show features new releases from Victrix Miniatures, Perry Miniatures, Essex Miniatures &

5 Comments on Incoming! – Episode 20

  1. Hi Neil, the miniature roundup at the end of your vidcasts are good, but sometimes it is not clear what scale the figures are – particularly for some of the new/ obscure manufacturers. I wonder if you could add a scale watermark with the pics or the company intro.

    Thanks mate

  2. I liked the Essex Huns wearing T-shirts, and the lack of proper bowcases. Also for that scale, there’s a definite lack of ‘bitz’, eg lassos, head trophies, extra pouches, decorations, etc. I have more on my 15mm Huns. Oh and those javelin cases . . . hmmm.

    If they were 15mm, I’d say they’re good, pity about the lack of icing on the cake; but for 25mm I expect a bit more.

  3. In retrospect, the above was pretty harsh, but, well, they’re Huns. 🙂

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