Arcane Legions – worth a look?

Arcane Legions

What do you do when driving for 20 hours (to and from Western Scotland) – catch up on your podcast downloads of the D6 Generation of course!

Well, I’ve managed several shows, which is more than any sane person would want to listen to 3 American gamers in so short a period 🙂

However, one show did intrigue me – which was when they covered the new minis game Arcane Legions.

This has now been released in the UK, and with a starter pack plus a Cavalry pack for each army weighing in at about £50, this looks interesting (and cheap) enough to at least have a look at.

However, with so much other stuff currently vying for my hard earned cash (and with Christmas just around the corner) I just want to ask – is this game worth the investment? Is it any good?

Your comments would be appreciated…

5 Comments on Arcane Legions – worth a look?

  1. Do they need painting?

  2. I would visit the manufacturers website which has excellent and funny video tutorials on how to play to get a feel for the rules and to see if you like the visual appeal of the game.

    • Those videos are a hoot!

      The game itself looks interesting, and pretty simple, with some interesting mechanics. I’m not sure whether this would be a good system or not.

      The minis don’t look great – typical CMG fair, from what I can gather (much like the Star Wars CMG figures, for example) so on that front, they don’t appeal that much.

      However, now I’ve seen the videos, I think I may risk a few £s on this – at least buy the starter set anyway. At only £20, it seems a small investment to make.

      The only problem may be finding opponents – the game may be too simple for many of the guys at my regular club.

  3. Yeah, those videos are pretty amusing, and very porny! Count, the armies themselves need painting, but the hero models are pre-painted.

    And I for one would love to hear Neil give us a review of this one. Whilst I enjoyed the D6G review, I prefer Neil’s reviews.

  4. I think what the Count may be getting at is my reputation for painting – or the lack, thereof (though I could of course be doing him an immense diservice – it could just be me being paranoid 🙂 )

    It’s true – my painting output is somewhat…spartan in the last few months, and I think the game would still benefit from each figure bearing a coat of paint.

    So, If I got it, I would have to work on my ‘block paint and dip’ method – I’ve got the products from Coat d’Arms, so this could be the ideal army to test them on…

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