Next 2 podcast episodes ‘In The Can’

Hi folks – just to let you know, both episode 54 & 55 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast are now ‘in the can’ and are currently being edited.

Recording for episode 54 was finished on Thursday, whilst episode 55 was recorded last night.

It’s going to be a few days before these get released – my first priority is to finish audio & video editing on the latest two Incoming! video podcasts – these should see the light of day by the end of the weekend, and episode 54 will then follow (hopefully by midweek). Episode 55 should be out a few days later.

Thanks for your patience – much more podcast goodness to come!


3 Comments on Next 2 podcast episodes ‘In The Can’

  1. Can’t wait. I need a break from the GW fanboy podcasts and the D6G “I can’t think of any modern rules for modern mini’s” conversations.”

    • Tell me about it – I was screaming at the mp3 player over that particular comment.

      “Well, you could wait until Flames of War comes out with the expansion” – yeah, right…

  2. Hooray!


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