Sci-Fi & Fanatsy Incoming! – Episode IX

The latest edition of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy edition of Incoming is now available:

It features new releases from Ground Zero Games, Red Box Games, Rapier Miniatures and Avatars Of War, amongst many others…

1 Comment on Sci-Fi & Fanatsy Incoming! – Episode IX

  1. Really like the Reaper Ogre (formerly from Paizo). There’s a certain ‘Texas X-File’ look about him. 🙂 Some of the other Ogres in the same original range are also excellent.

    But in terms of sheer brutal splendour, nothing compares with the AOW Minotaur(s). They leave the rest for dead, with the possible exceptions of the Ilyad one and the newie from Allan Carrasco. Truly wonderful sculpting and impact.

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