Incoming! – Episode 27

A slight delay, but here is Episode 27 of the Incoming! Video Podcast
This week’s show includes new releases from TB Line, Galloping Major, Musketeer Miniatures and Immotral Miniatures, amongst others

6 Comments on Incoming! – Episode 27

  1. Neil

    The Timur figure is of Timur Lenk, or ‘Tamerlane’, the great Turco-Mongol ruler of Western & Central Asia in the 14thC and a tiny bit of the 15thC. Founder of the Timurid Empire. He’s not a Chinese Emperor, or anything remotely attached to Warring States Chinese or Ancient China, etc.

    Impressed by the 10mm Russians. Nevski fans will be delighted.

    Equally impressed with the 28mm Assyrian cavalry. Beautiful figures, in superb dynamic poses. For some reason, the infantry don’t quite seem to be in the same league.

  2. Heh, heh. There’s some good pix and info on Timur over on the Altar site too. Check it out. 🙂

  3. Hello great review!
    Really soon I will be launching my ranges of 1/48 WW2 figures and some vehicles too.
    My soldiers usually measure 36mm and I have red many articles on which this means 40mm(category).
    In your opinion does this assumption of category is correct?It is ok by me as I just would like to know the best way to address the British public more familiar with the 40mm category rather than 36mm specific.
    In case you visit my blog and see the figures any pointers would be beyond welcome!
    Best regards

  4. Here it is if someone wants to visit!!!

  5. This is an great site, I’ll be sure to add your site to my list!

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