Sci-Fi & Fantasy Incoming! – Episode XII

Welcome to the (slightly delayed) Sci-Fi & Fantasy edition of the Incoming! Video Podcast.
This show looks back at miniature releases from w/e 11th Dec 2009, and features figures by Brigade Games, Dark Sword Miniatures, Enigma Fantasy Miniatures and Scibor Monstrous Miniatures…

4 Comments on Sci-Fi & Fantasy Incoming! – Episode XII

  1. Neil

    Lt. Kara Black was sculpted by Kev White for Studio McVey. Kev also sculpted the Broga Hourigsen figure for them.

    Really like the Illusionist and his illusory creatures by Zenit, and Bad Santa by Enigma is wonderful. Also impressed with the set of 4 Mongoose figures from Sphere Wars.

    • 2 in 1 week!

      OK, my credibility is now in tatters…

      I will take myself out and have me shot. 😦

      At least someone is on the ball with this – thanks Paul…

  2. Don’t you dare shoot yourself! We need you back next week!


    Okay then.

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