Incoming! Episode 28

Weclome to Episode 28 of Incoming! – the video podcast which looks back at the week’s historical miniature releases.
This show looks back at releases for w/e 18th December 2009, and includes new figures from Perry Miniatures, Musketeer Miniatures, Warlord Games and Victrix Miniatures.

Apologies for the nassal tone of the commentary – I’ve got a touch of ‘flu!

5 Comments on Incoming! Episode 28

  1. Neil

    Um, Timur wasn’t an Ottoman either. His tribe was descended from the Mongols (so he was very much Central Asian), Turkicized in language and identity, Persianized in culture and religion. He fought against Mongol, Persian and Turkish (including Ottoman) foes. Okay, Pedant Mode off. πŸ™‚

    Re: Khurasan Miniatures. Their horses continue to be the weak point of their ranges. But KM do not seem to be listening…

    Re: Musketeer’s Goths. Excellent cavalry. Nice work.

    Question (inspired by the upcoming WOTR figures by the Perry twins): if you wanted to build the army of Joan of Arc in 28mm you’d probably use Perry Miniatures HYW and Ist Corps medievals – but what would you use for 15mm? Who does Joan of Arc and equivalent c.1429-30 French in 15mm? Essex? ??

    Thanks again for giving us so much to listen to this year. Have a great Christmas, and see you back in 2010!

    Cheers. πŸ™‚

    • Timur?

      OK, I officially give up. I siad what I said based on what I read on the Altar site – but I don’t know the period, so I think I’ll just quietly draw a line under it at this point…

  2. HYW in 15mm – Whilst Essex probably have the largest range of 15mm HYW, my personal favourites for this scale and period are probably Corvus Belli

    I think the CB figures are generally of a higher standard that Essex (though the range is much newer too)

    Another manufacturer to possibly look out for is Legio Heroica – if their feudal range is anything to go by, if they did a HYW range it would be awesome…

    • Thanks. CB look like they might mix well with Essex. And yes, Legio Heroica HYW would indeed be awesome. πŸ™‚

  3. Just found the definitive 15mm HYW range: Donnington ‘New Era’ 100 Years War, released at Salute 2009. Options galore!


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