A New Year in gaming…

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, it’s traditionally the time of year when you make plans and resolutions for the year – never something I was very good at (ask Colin Hagreen – he’s my conscience on this!)

However, it doesn’t stop me from trying, so here are some of my thoughts on what I’d like to achieve with my gaming this year…

  • Play more wargames – I played a lot of boardgames last year, but not as many wargames as I would have liked.
  • Finish more projects – anyone who knows me knows that I am great at starting projects, but very poor at finishing them. I’d like to finish several projects that I started over the past couple of years – there are several wargames that I’d like to play…I just need to finish the figures…  🙂
  • Blog more – although I’m pretty regular with my video and audio podcasts, I’d like to blog much more – this kind of goes hand-in-hand with the above aims…they should feed this one.
  • Get the video figure reviews off the ground – nuff said!
  • …and obviously, continue to work to improve the podcasts…

So, what’s the plan?

First up, I’m going to try and finally finish my Uncharted Seas Fleets (complete with all the new additions I’ve made over the year), paint my Firestorm Armada fleets, Human Blood Bowl team and 1/600 scale Modern British Army for Cold War Commander.

I’ll keep you posted on progress…

6 Comments on A New Year in gaming…

  1. good luck mate, and try and blog your progress on these projects, as it really helped me to finish off some of mine

    • That’s the intention Mike – I’m hoping that with the aim of blogging progress every week, it might spur me on to actually achieve something when it comes to painting this year!

  2. commander_roj // January 6, 2010 at 13:16 // Reply

    I can empathize, and maybe seeing your progress will encourage me. I’m interested in 1:600 Moderns also, but the thought of the infantry turns me off a bit. I like painting 1:300 infantry, but i’m not convinced the smaller scale can be representative/detailed enough.

    Looking forward myself to hopefully getting my IJN Space flleet 9using Zandris iv minis) and my IJN Marines (Dark Star) ready for a club campaign in the spring

    • Two things particularly appealed to us about the 1:600 Moderns – especially with the fact that Cold War Commander can be very ‘vehicle-based’ :

      1. Given the ranges involved, and the command scale of the game, 1:600 figure actually gave a fairly good approximation of what the ground combat would actually look like – the 15mm pictures in CWC, for example, make the game look like a tank car-park.
      2. The price – you can put together a pretty decent sized force for not a great deal of money (~£30) – which is a great way to try out the game.

      I’m now looking at WW2 (with BKC II), but I think I may very well look at 6mm scale for that – especially as the figures would have a dual use, as I’m looking at converting the Conflict of Heroes games to play with miniatures.

  3. Actually my thanks to you are in order, as I had an excellent Christmas painting up some bits and bobs, listening all the while to View From the Veranda and Meeples and Miniatures. Boy the hours flew by… and proved costly too though as I’ve picked up Black Powder following your excellent reviews/discussions etc, and started up a blog to follow my 15mm exploits.

    Next time I spot you at a show I’ll buy you a pint 🙂

  4. commander_roj // January 9, 2010 at 15:26 // Reply

    Having made my above coment, pictures of the latest releases on TMP show that the infantry do actually look like infantry (I’ve always thought that most of the vehicles look good). I might be tempted by some of these in the future, as the price point is exceptional (although i do wonder why some of the packs are packaged as they are. 15 tanks or APC’s-yes please-15 command of AA vehicles? A mixed pack would be more use i think.)

    But tempting, very tempting.

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