First wargame of the year…

Last night saw the first meeting of the new year at Scimitar Wargames Club, and in keeping with my aims for this year, I managed to play a wargame, rather than a boardgame.

After several months left in boxes, my Uncharted Seas minis once again took to the tabletop, as my Dwarfs and Elves took on the Orc fleet of new club member Rob. This was also a great opportunity to introduce the game to Garry, who had been wanting to play for a while.

However, due to a minor problem with preparation (or the lack of it) I arrived at club sans fleet cards, or up to date fleet points lists, so we ended up playing the ‘Run The Gauntlet’ scenario with Rob’s Orc Battleship, with the aid of 3 Cruisers, trying to outrun the combined fleets of Garry (Dwarfs) and I(Elves) – we had 2 Cruisers and 3 Frigates each.

In the end it was a close run thing. Garry and I managed to sink Rob’s entire fleet, with the Orc Battleship less than 12″ from safety – mainly thanks to some excellent shooting from Garry’s remaining Dwarf Cruiser, plus some excellent tactics from the Elven and Dwarf frigates, who managed to stern rake the Ork Battleship for 3 consecutive turns whilst only losing a single ship to enemy fire.

Actually, perhaps the victory was more down to the Orcs poor firing from their aft guns…

Anyway, a very pleasing couple of hours. It showed that Uncharted Seas has kept its appeal, and is a good game to play, even without the race card decks (although playing with cards makes for a much more interesting game IMO).

Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures, as I forgot to take my camera! Something else to remember regularly in future…

2 Comments on First wargame of the year…

  1. Sounds like a fun little game 😛
    Uncharted Seas is soooo much better with Race Cards though!
    You were lucky the Battleship was sailing away from you and couldn’t just take you on man for man (Or is that Orc to Elf?) Because those fleets wouldn’t have had a chance vs a fully operational Battleship!
    Glad to see you still play the game after a few disgruntled comments anyway!

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