Incoming! – Episode 30

Welcome to a new episode of the Incoming! video podcast.

This show looks back at releases from w/e 15th January 2010, and features new miniatures from The Assault Group,, Legio Heroica and Perry Miniatures.

1 Comment on Incoming! – Episode 30

  1. I agree that the Assault Group needed to round out the range. I like most of the Vietnam range from them but these new releases look a little subpar stacked up to previous models.

    Neil, you mentioned it wasn’t your favorite sculpts. What do you use to game Vietnam in 28mm?

    I agree that Kevin White is one of the best sculptors out there. His high attention to the correct display of anatomy is what really brings is models to life.

    I must say that the Perry’s always turn out a wonderful looking product. Not my historic period, so I have never had one “in hand” but they stimulate the optic nerve just right!

    Number one was well deserved. Horses look great especially compared to a previous entry.

    Fantastic work, this vidcast. Thank you for putting in the time and effort, Neil.

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