Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel

A game that has been on my list of games to get for the past several months has been Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel. Ever since I bought and played the first game in this series – Awakening the Bear – I’ve been keen to get this sequel.

At over £50, the price of the game is somewhat steep, but I’ve had it planned as a purchase with any Christmas/Birthday money I received, which is why it arrived on my doorstep last week 🙂

Like the first game, this one has a very distinctive first impression – it’s heavy!

The box is packed with thick quality printed card counters and playing boards (yes, it’s another hex and chit wargame…oh the shame!) plus a full pack of playing cards and a couple of dice.

The rulebook is again very well presented, with very clear rules, explanations and examples. It’s an upgraded version of the AtB rules, which can be used for playing the first game in the series as well.

So, first impressions are very good – I just need to get it out into action. I’m planning on recording a full review of this game, plus AtB, in a future Meepls & Miniatures Podcast.

4 Comments on Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel

  1. Nice timing Neil. I am planning on getting Conflict of Heroes Awakening the Bear for my birthday next month. What caught my eye was the Crete version due to be released sometime this year. If they ever get it going on Vasell I will give you a game.

  2. Paul

    AtB is on Vassal, but especially with the new rules from SoS it’s almost unplayable via email.

    Basically, your opponent can react to every move you make, but in SoS, that’s now every AP spent, and not just at the end of an action by 1 piece.

    It makes a face-to-face game very interactive, but I can see it being a nightmare electronically, unless you were playing in real-time.


  3. That’s a shame.

  4. Hi guys. Thanks for playing CoH. Luckily, AtB and SoS can be played live on Vassal and Zun Tzu. Here is the link. 🙂

    Cheers from the ski slopes of Northern Michigan. (Dang cold).

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