Gaming Update – 25th January

This week has been somewhat challenging – real life, as ever, has made it’s bid to generally get in the way of the hobby (my wife has been ill, work has been incredibly busy and to cap it all, we now have 2 pet rabbits – don’t ask).

As a result, I’ve had to cancel gaming this week, and my usual ‘free’ evenings have been taken up with family – so no podcast recording at all this week (don’t worry, working on new Incoming! episodes – They should be available sometime in the next couple of days, and I did actually manage to record a small Meeples & Miniatures episode, which will be published sometime in the next week, once I can get the editing completed)

I was going to buy one final game with the remains of my Christmas & Birthday money. After getting a couple of block wargames (HofS and RIII) I was really looking for a CDG wargame, and for a while I was very tempted by Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage.

However, the more I read about Hannibal, the more I questioned whether it was for me or not (after all, I really didn’t like Successors) – and then I saw the new deluxe version of Twilight Struggle was due out.

Now, I’ve played a couple of games of TS already, and I really enjoyed it. However, to put it bluntly, I really didn’t like the game presentation of the original edition. Given the price that you pay for the game, I expect better than a thin card board and counters – so that’s the main reason why I haven’t bought this game previously.

The deluxe version of Twilight Struggle changes all that.

Let’s start with the box – it’s of the same fantastic quality as you get with Commands & Colors: Ancients, just half the depth. Then there is a new mounted board with updated artwork, new double-thickness counters and all new cards as the game has undergone a complete revamp.

The result – finally we have a game whose components live up to its gameplay and rating.

My other purchase of the week has taken a couple of weeks to arrive – thanks to the heavy snow in some parts of the UK.

I’ve been looking at Hour of Glory for some time now, but decided to finally pull the trigger on this to take advantage of their Christmas & New Year deal, where you got 9 minis free with the game.

Initial impressions are mixed. The box is made up of card that would be too thin on a cereal packet, and many of the card components are somewhat on the thin side. The boards are actually really thick, and of good quality. I can certainly see why you would need to play this game with minis – it does not seem that the card figures would stand up to prolonged playing.

That said, the game itself looks quite interesting, so I’m looking forward to getting this on the table – as ever, full detailed review to follow.

A piece of good news on the miniatures front is that I’ve found my Cold War Commander rules, along with the box containing my Oddizals Osmy Cold War British. A swift order to Fighting 15s followed for another pack of Chieftain tanks, plus a pack of the new track mounted Rapiers, and my British Army is now pretty much ready to build.

I’d like to get hold of the Micromark army lists for the late 1970’s British Army of the Rhine, but I’m starting off by building a ‘generic’ Tank Battalion and a Mechanised Infantry Battalion, which should be enough to keep me going for a while.

I ordered some more MDF bases from East Riding Miniatures – who give next day service if you order before lunch…brilliant – so I’m hoping that you may see the first of these units appearing on the blog before the end of the month.

4 Comments on Gaming Update – 25th January

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on “Hour of Glory.” It wasn’t on my radar until you posted it, and it looks like it might be kinda cool.

  2. I love TS but always thought the board was terrible. The deluxe version looks great, just wish they did an upgrade path.

    • You can order any piece of the TS upgrade individually from GMT. I got the board and cards and skipped the thicker counters myself.

  3. Good choice with Twilight Struggle. I’ve decided to stick with the older versionn, since I tend to play more online with ACTS and VASSAL than over the table. Anytime you want an online game, let me know.


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