Incoming! – Episode 31

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Incoming! Video Podcast, which looks back at historical miniature releases for w/e 22nd January 2010.
This show features new releases from Foundry, Empress Miniatures, Essex Miniatures and Eureka Miniatures.

5 Comments on Incoming! – Episode 31

  1. Obviously opinions can very widely in matters of artistic criticism. I would say, though, that it is quite possible that the Tanatus figures would rate far higher for you if you saw them in the metal. I have all of Mr. Eastland’s foot packs from this Saxon range, and they are exquisite. The faces are just excellent, the bodies are human, the poses are reasonable, the castings are top shelf. I look at the Foundry Saxons you referenced…I mean they are pedestrian at best, the horses are all legs with fetlocks like pyramids, and the men are wooden zombies. I agree the week’s releases are uninspiring, but I truly recommend a closer look at the Tanatus Saxons.

  2. A few points:

    The 40mm Romans are done by AB (Anthony Barton) as well as the 15’s (really 18mm). And it shows. The 40mm look like blown-up versions of his 15’s, and inferior overall (as mentioned). Shows his limitations – brilliant at 15/18mm, pedestrian at 40mm.

    The Tanatus Saxons & Picts. Not sure what you meant re the draco standard – it’s a very common Germanic standard in use from at least the 3rdC AD. Anyway, the Saxons look very good and would have been my #1. The Picts, however, disappoint me a little. It seems in an effort to produce realistic looking figures, almost all sense of ‘character’ has been lost. Come on, they’re Picts! Give them some personality! But nothing a bit of imagination and greenstuff can’t fix. Stiff poses though.

    The Foundry stuff. Would be acceptably adequate only if they were 15mm, as there is plenty of vastly superior 15mm figures available (for that period as well). Dodgy anatomy, and some weird horses. Pretty poor for 28mm. Is this really a new range by Foundry – or just another recycled range from the past? Would not have made my Top 10.

  3. …but then I’m too lazy to do one. 🙂

    • The problem with last week was that, for a start, there were (as far as I could ascertain) only 9 releases on the historical front last week – at least, only 9 were announced through the ‘usual’ online channels.

      I do check some of the other major manufacturers, but most announce releases on TMP or TGN these days.

      Foundry – the range was announced as ‘New Napoleonic Saxons’ so I’m assuming they are new – though the figures are getting to be so generic that I agree, it’s difficult to tell. As I think I said, is it that Foundry have produced a good range, or that it’s simply a very poor week for releases?

      If I only put in the miniatures I liked, this show would have only had, at most, a top 5 – but I’m making the effort to be critical 🙂

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