Sci-Fi & Fantasy Incoming! – Episode XVI

Welcome to episode XVI of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy edition of the Incoming Video Podcast.

This show looks back at miniatures released for w/e 22nd January 2010, and features new figures from Micro Arts Studios, Kingdom Death, Mantic Games and Hasslefree Miniatures

4 Comments on Sci-Fi & Fantasy Incoming! – Episode XVI

  1. Pretty much agree with all of that. Uh oh, you must be slipping again… 😉

  2. But seriously, the flesh-golem is gribbly-tastic! 🙂

  3. Darsc Zacal // January 26, 2010 at 21:36 // Reply

    MicroArts Discworld mini’s are based on the artwork of illustrator Paul Kidby. I must say that they’re very accurate to his work.

    As for the Mantic Cavalry, I’m in total agreement with your review. I’d only add that the choice to produce them in metal instead of plastic was likely due to financial concerns common to any startup company that has yet to establish a steady cashflow. By that I mean I suspect they had a choice of making them in metal, and getting some money coming in from those sales, or not making any cavalry at all for the elves right now, and therefore losing that potential income.

  4. tell you what Neil those tall pointy eared dwarven cavalry had massive lances. it’s a real shame as the rest of the range is outstanding

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